Start A New Project

Click the Plus Button in the upper left corner to start a new project.

How to Start a New Project

Here you find detail instruction on how to create a new project with the iOS app 3D Invite Maker.


Click the Plus Symbol

Once you click the plus symbol you’re asked to name your project. Give it a name and click OK. Then you’er asked to choose a format either vertical or horizontal, tap either button. A generic sample file is created and is ready to be edited. There are three text boxes, if you choose a vertical format the three text boxes are stacked on top of each other with the 3D box on top. If you choose the horizontal format the 3D box is on top and the other two are side by side below it.

You start with a Sample Project

Now all you have to do is start editing. When a text box is selected it has a black and white dotted line around it. When you tap a button you preform an edit on that text box. When you select the top 3D box and then tap color you have two additional option for Thickness and gloss finish on the text.



Click the Font button

You have twenty quality fonts to choose from. Any of these can be turned into 3D fonts for the headline.