Adjust Your 3D Text and add Backgrounds

Here is how to make adjustments to the color, thickness and shine of the 3D text. And add Beautiful Backgrounds

How to Adjust the 3D Text and add Backgrounds

Select the top Text Box and then tap the Color button.


Here are the controls for the 3D Text

There are two extra slider bars one for the thickness and one for the shine or glossiness of the text. Play around with them to see the results.

The Color and Thickness you Select

The text is displayed in the Color, Thickness and Shine you select.



Tap the Background Button

You are presented with a coping screen were you can re-crop the image and a button to change the background.

Tap the Change Background button

When you click the button to “change background” you are presented with some more choices. The first is “Take Photo” this allows you to use the built in camera to take a picture. The second is “Choose From Photo Library” this allows you, like the name suggest to select a photo or a save image already on your device. The third is “Go To Safari To Find Background” this take you right to Google image search where you can enter any character name or theme you are looking for and when you find one you tap and hold your finger on the image and you will be asked if you want to “Save Image” this will save it to your photos. Then you tap the text at the top that says “Back to 3D Invite Maker” and then tap “Choose From Photo Library” and find the image you saved and you’re returned to the cropping screen.
The forth is “Choose Included Backgrounds”.



Tap Choose Included Backgrounds

Here you will find High Quality backgrounds that are included with the App.Select one and you are returned to the cropping screen where you can make further adjustments and Save.

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